Recent Terrorist Related News

3 May 2015Garland, Texas21attempted shooting attack at event involving art critical of Islam, one guard shot and injured, both attackers shot and killed by police officer serving as guard
17 Jun 2015Charleston, South Carolina91gunman killed 9 in attack at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on a Bible study group; South Carolina state congressman among those killed; 1 injured
16 Jul 2015Chattanooga, Tennessee62gunman killed 4 Marines and injures 1 Navy sailor (who died 18 Jul of injuries), 1 police officer, and 1 Marine, at two locations; gunman was shot and killed by police
1 Oct 2015Roseburg, Oregon109shooting attack at Umpqua Community College killed 9 and injured 9; shooter killed himself
4 Nov 2015Merced, California14student stabbed two students and two staff at the University of California; attacker was shot and killed by police
27 Nov 2015Colorado Springs, Colorado39gunman killed two civilians and one police officer outside a Planned Parenthood clinic, also injuring 4 civilians and 5 police officers
3 Dec 2015San Bernardino, California1623two attackers killed 14 and injured 21 at a county employee meeting and Christmas party; both attackers were killed hours later in a shootout with police in which 2 police officers were injured
7 Jan 2016Philadelphia, Pennsylvania02gunman shot and injured a police officer; attacker was shot and injured
12 Jun 2016Orlando, Florida5053sniper attack killed 5 police officers, injured 8 police officers and two civilians at protest rally; attacker was killed by police
17 Jul 2016Baton Rouge, Louisiana43shooting attack killed 3 police officers, injured 3 police officers; attacker was shot and killed by police
20 Aug 2016Roanoke, Virginia03stabbing attack at apartment complex injured 2; attacker was injured and arrested
17 Sep 2016Seaside Park, New Jersey00pipe bomb exploded at site of planned Marine Corps benefit run, no injuries due to delayed start of race
17 Sep 2016Saint Cloud, Minnesota110stabbing attack at shopping mall injured 10, including one 15-year-old girl; attacker was shot and killed by police
17 Sep 2016New York City, New York029bombing on street in Manhattan injured 29; additional bombs were found at other locations in Manhattan and nearby New Jersey but were safely detonated or defused
19 Sep 2016Linden, New Jersey03two police officers injured in shootout with perpetrator of 17 Sep bombing in Manhattan; attacker was shot and injured
11 Oct 2016East Hartford, Connecticut13student pilot fought with his flight instructor and intentionally crashed a private plane near Pratt and Whitney factory
12 Oct 2016East Boston, Massachusetts12attacker shot and critically injured 2 police officers; attacker was shot and killed by police
28 Nov 2016Columbus, Ohio111vehicular attack on students at Ohio State University, after which the driver attacked people with a knife; attacker was shot and killed by police
6 Jan 2017Fort Lauderdale, Florida56shooting attack at Fort Lauderdale Airport; 5 killed, 6 injured; 12,000 people evacuated from airport
31 Jan 2017Denver, Colorado10fatal shooting of Denver transit authority guard
14 Jun 2017Alexandria, Virginia15shooting attack targeting Republican lawmakers at a baseball field; 5 injured including U.S. Representative Steve Scalise and 1 police officer; attacker was fatally shot
12 Aug 2017Charlottesville, Virginia119vehicular attack on protestors
24 Sep 2017Antioch, Tennessee18shooting attack on church service; attacker was injured
1 Oct 2017Las Vegas, Nevada59527shooting attack on concert; attacker killed himself